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Fuel Economy Tuning

By tuning your fleet, we can help you gain a 15 – 20% increase in fuel economy for your diesel engine. Call for special pricing and fleet discounts.   Xtreme Perfomance Tuning  Since its introduction in Europe in 1995, more than one million Sprinter vans have been sold worldwide and 130,000 in the U.S. The largest U.S. fleet customer is FedEx, which uses 6,000 Sprinter models daily. The Sprinter is offered in three vehicle lengths, two wheelbases, and three GVWRs. All Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner Sprinters are powered by a 3.0L V-6 BlueTEC turbodiesel that gets 30% better fuel economy than a comparable gasoline engine. Daimler no longer offers a gasoline-engine option in the U.S. due to weak demand. The Sprinter van meets 2010 emissions standards with a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system that uses diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) after treatment. The Passenger Van and Cargo version are equipped with a 4.9-gallon DEF tank, while the Chassis Cab and Cutaway versions have a 5.8-gallon tank.  Of course, fuel efficiency is about more than just dollars—it makes sense too. When you improve the Sprinter fuel economy and performance, you will have other reasons to feel good about your decision: you decrease your carbon footprint which helps reduce climate change and you help reduce our dependence on oil (a non-renewable resource), it is a win-win for you and for the earth.


Xtreme Performance Tuning is the first official dealer offering vehicle programming in the United States. The cutting edge technology has been developed over 20 years from hands on experience and has never been seen before in the German auto industry.  The tuning programs are created, in laboratory conditions on real vehicles, where dynamometer and emissions readings allow verification of all statistics and figures.   All finished results are road tested in real life conditions for hundreds of miles – nothing is left to chance. The process is fully insured and has a 7 day money back guarantee.


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